Crystal Johnston

August 21, 2017

Beat My Expectations.  I expected it to be better than what I was using.  I was totally shocked that it completely eliminated the problem.  My friends come over and cannot believe that I have no stains with just a softener.  I have to show them my garage to see that I have no iron filter.

Courtney Fulcher

March 8, 2016

Turned my old dead softener back to working.  I was told I needed a new softener, or at least a resin replacement because my resin was so iron-fouled.  After only a few weeks running your product, my softener is producing the quality of water that it did when it was brand new.

Alverta Hickson

August 5, 2015

I never use anything else.  I tell my friends, family, neighbors, whoever will listen.  If you have iron in your well, you need Crystal Clean, even if you already have an iron filter.  It will eventually fail, and this stuff will protect your water softener.

Robert Tangerine

October 19, 2014

Don’t Let Them Tell You It’s The Same As Their Treatment.  I have been dealing with well water iron for 40 years at my house.  I have used every type of iron treatment known to man.  NOTHING does the job like Crystal Clean.  It’s that simple.

Bethann Allman

June 5, 2013

I Stopped Using The Powder And The Rust Salt.  I used to spend a fortune buying the salt for iron and adding the powder to the salt; which never really worked anyways.  Now with your system, I no longer waste the money on those products, and the problem has disappeared.  We are so happy with our water now!

Tracey Anterman

December 23, 2017

Thank You Crystal Clean.  Thank you Bill for working with me even though I was so skeptical and not trusting of your product.  I am a woman of my word, and I told you if it worked I would tell everybody.  Well, I have six neighbors all using Crystal Clean, and here is my testimonial to use on your website.  I have never seen anything like it.  Nothing works better preventing iron stains.

Angela Teague

July 8, 2011

My Water Guy Doesn’t Believe Me!  Even though I told him that Crystal Clean solved the problem, My local water guy still insists that it’s only temporary and to call him when I’m ready to buy an iron filter.   He wouldn’t even consider it.  Said that he’s been doing this for thirty years, and if something like this existed, he would already know about it.  Yikes!

Anisya Tamerand

April 28, 2018

All I Can Say Is WOW!   I have struggled with well water iron stains for over 20 years.  I have installed systems costing over 5 grand that all eventually failed.  I have been using Crystal Clean for six months with just my regular softener and I have not had to clean an iron stain for the last six months!  I used to have to clean them every weekend!

Aldo Aguilera

March 15, 2011

Did the Job Good.  I have had this system installed for the last 15 years and I have never had iron stains return, EVER!  Thank you Crystal Clean.

Kyle Tuttle

February 2, 2015

Not too good to be true.  Too good to be true was my first thought from your website.  But the reviews were good, so I tried a bottle just to be sure.  My water quality has not been this good in years!  I have already ordered my pump system from you.

Jane Starnorff

June 4, 2011

My softener guy refuses to carry it.  After trying Crystal Clean and loving it, I told my local guy about it, but he doesn’t want to sell it because it’s far too inexpensive and will compete with his high priced iron filters.  I was shocked!  I realized he didn’t want to sell your product because he makes way more money on iron filters.  Good Riddance!   Thank goodness I found you online.

Cliff Sandlin

March 18, 2011

$289 cost, $2,000 Results.  I paid $2000 for an iron filter 10 years ago.  When it was time to replace it, I found out about your product, and decided to try it.  I’m so glad I did.  Now I’m going on vacation with that extra $1700!

Daniel Kirk

June 5, 2018

I am a believer.  I want to compliment you on the quality of your product. Like the other testimonials on your site, my water was horrible. I was resigned to purchasing an iron filter until I found your Crystal Clean. I recently ran out of Crystal Clean and was treating the water with salt only. It didn’t take long before it was back to terrible water. I fi nally ordered a new batch and in less than a week the water feels and tastes dramatically better. I was skeptical at first, but I am a believer in CC. Thanks!

Darlene Graham

December 10, 2015

Great!  I couldn’t afford an iron filter, so I tried your product.  I have to say that I have zero orange stains so far!  It’s been 6 months and I could not be happier with my system.

Bob Tinker

November 1, 2017

I never send feedback.  I never send feedback about products, but I sure would have appreciated more encouragement to try your product. It has 100% solved my iron problem for going on 4 years.

Rudolph Nunez

March 8, 2009

Absolutely Unbelievable Results.  I never thought one product could ever work so much better than everything else!  Highly recommend.

Bill Astontile

June 7, 2011

Stupid That I Can’t Buy Locally In My Town.  I love the Crystal Clean treatment, it is like magic.  However, the fact that I can’t get Crystal Clean at my local stores really sucks.  That’s why i give 3 stars.

Teyvon Court

December 10, 2012

My Local Guy Had Never Heard Of It.  I heard it all, I have 30 years experience, if it was that good I would be using it.  Yada Yada Yada.  I tried Crystal Clean in spite of my guy’s recommendations.  Well, he is no longer my guy.  I got better results with Crystal Clean that with anything that my guy did in the past.

Ken Stewart

August 1, 2009

sweet effects.  Not sure if you remember us, but we ordered some Crystal Clean a while back. We used it for a few months with no success. It turns out we owe you a huge apology. We took your advice in your last e-mail and had someone come out and check our water.   We discovered that the bypass for the water softener was on the whole time, so we were using raw well water the whole time. I’m so sorry. We moved to the country and I was not familiar about how the system worked, so I didn’t realize that the water wasn’t even going through the softener. We sent the pump back to you and got a refund no problem. I have been adding the remainder of the solution that we have manually to the brine tank, and there has been no smell and the rust has virtually vanished! Recently, I stopped adding it in the tank and the smell has started to come back. So the short of it is, I guess it would have worked great for us. I was wondering if we paid for the initial cost that was refunded to us and got you to send

Carolyn Bradham

July 12, 2012

didn't work for me.

Rob Cole

May 4, 2018

I am very happy.  I just wanted to tell you that stuff works really good. My neighbors are amazed at how long myᅠsoftener’s resin has lasted taking out so much iron. Please send me more right away before my problems come back!

CK Brush Plumbing Service

May 10, 2009

I have it in my own house  I have one installed in my own house, so I know that it works perfectly. There is no better, more inexpensive system than the Crystal Clean Iron Eliminator.

Mark Vossbein

March 6, 2015

Stumped my neighbors.  I installed a Crystal Clean with my new softener on 4ppm of iron 17 years ago, and its just now starting to stain. My plan is to replace the resin for a few hundred dollars, and continue iron stain-free for another 17 years! Thank you for such a great product. My neighbors are still stumped at the quality of my water in comparison with their big, expensive iron filter systems!

Mike Tuma

August 16, 2012

No more ripoffs.  I bought an iron filter / water softener combination for $2,700, and was told that this would be the end of my problems. Here we are 3 years later, and my stains were back, and my water smelled horrible! I call the guy that installed my big expensive system, and they told me that the system was working fine, and that i now need a $2000 chlorinator! Not willing to be ripped off twice, I did some online research and found Crystal Clean. The first thing I did when installing my Crystal Clean system was to bypass the iron filter that cost me so much money. What a waste. I am happy to say that my stains have disappeared, and my water smells Crystal Clean.

Eric Skeens

January 28, 2013

It actually does the job great.  I am the most skeptical person in the world. Frankly, I doubted that Crystal Clean would work. But, you had a money back guarantee, so I said what the heck. I have recommended your product to so many people you have no idea. The best $289 investment I have ever made.

Erika Jarvis

December 17, 2017

My stains have vanished.  Crystal Clean has finally given me peace. After 10 years of constant complaining of stains in the laundry as stinky water in the shower, I finally decided to do my own research because my local guy told me I could fix my problem; for $3,500! I could see that this guy’s only interest was to sell me his expensive equipment. I decided to do s ome research on my own and found Crystal Clean on the web. After a quick discussion of my symptoms and details, they determined that Crystal Clean was the right solution for our problem, and wow was it! My stains have VANISHED! The stinky rotten egg smell that used to make me want to puke when I brushed my teeth, GONE!  I have never seen a product make such grandiose claims, and have them all be 100% TRUE! I have never written to a company about a product before, but I felt compelled since Crystal Clean saved me $3,500!!

Richard Simons

December 8, 2011

really great.  I would be happy to give a testimonial for your product Crystal Clean. It did everything it was advertised to do and more, and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve struggled with iron/iron bacteria issues since we bought our place 5-1/2 years ago. None of the local water treatment “specialists” were of any long-term help. My $800ᅠiron filterᅠis going to be sold on Ebay. I’ve disconnected the chlorine feed to the well, and my wife is thrilled with the condition of our laundry, shower, toilets, etc. Not to mention the taste of our water-NONE! Thanks for providing a product that works!

Wally Falker

June 28, 2012

customers love it.  That stuff sure works great. My customers absolutely love it! Please send me another case of Crystal Clean Iron Eliminator Kits.

Diane Comtas

May 17, 2012

economical, and works!!  I wanted to remark how effective the Crystal Clean solution was at solving my very severe ferrous rust problems. Before I began using the Crystal Clean System, my well water had a very high concentration ofᅠferrousᅠiron, causing rust stains on my bathroom fixtures, laundry, and even my dishwasher. Within 1 week of using Crystal Clean, all of my staining problems disappeared. About 3 days ago, I noticed the rust stains reappearing on my bathroom fixtures. When I went downstairs to check the system, I noticed that my Crystal Clean Solution was empty. No wonder I saw rust again!!!! I have now refilled my Crystal Clean system for another 4 months of rust free water! I must tell you that the few hundred dollars that I spent on the Crystal Clean system has saved me from installing a several thousand dollar iron removal system. I have a very average Ecowater brand water softener and with Crystal Clean, it has solved all of my iron and hard water problems. Thanks again for a fine and economical product that actually works as advertised!

Laura Flynn

February 13, 2017

love It.  I’m very happy with my Crystal Clean system. This has taken all of the iron out of my water. I told my plumber he should be selling this product.

Frank Einstein

October 8, 2015

Saved big money.  This stuff is really amazing. Using iron out never gave me these results. Thank you for saving me so much money. I almost bought a $2000 iron filter that I didn’t need.

Avianna Gonzales

September 4, 2014

different Than The Rest.  I was using rust removing salt, and sprinkling Iron Out over my salt.  Still I was getting iron stains.  My softener guy tested my softener and said it was working fine.  I started using Crystal Clean, and my iron stains have never returned.  I also stopped using the rust salt and the Iron Out.

Martin Slewsky

December 19, 2018

Finally something that works.  Where have you guys been? I suffered for 20 years before I found your product by mistake on the internet. I am now spoiled by the quality of my water.

Michael Guerra

May 4, 2017

thank goodness.  We use very little water and we are only two people so our softener does not regen very often. However after two weeks or so of Crystal Clean use our water went from faint brown tinged to clear and the sulfuric smell dissipated.

Charles Brown

June 25, 2013

I bought more as gifts for my kids.  My Crystal Clean kit worked so well, that I would like to purchase 3 more systems for my children. I will be wrapping them up and giving them as Christmas gifts. All three of my kids have the same iron problems that I used to have before I discovered you on the internet. Thank you so much! Crystal Clean is awesome.

Mark – Rainsoft of NC

June 16, 2011

impressed.  I used one of your Crystal Clean systems on one of our customers and it seemed to do the job quite well. I need another for a job on Wednesday is it possible to get one red label to use.

Keith Putnam

October 22, 2010

stains and odors gone.  I wanted to call and order my Iron Eliminator kit before my trial bottle runs out. My ironᅠstainsᅠand odors have disappeared since the first dose of Crystal Clean. I have not had this good of water and no stains in forever. Thank you for your wonderful product, and send me my kit ASAP!

Lonnie Meade

April 2, 2013

no stains, no stink.  After only 4 regenerations, I am already getting spectacular results from your Crystal Clean. Rust stains and sulpherous smell are gone.

Frank Simonelli

November 29, 2013

works.  This stuff really works. Please ship me another case.

Marilyn Riddle

July 20, 2012

unbelievable results.  Our water softener has come back to life! There is nothing else like it out there. Unbelievable Results!

Ronald Mcdermott

March 15, 2016

works good but too $$.  Yes, it fixed my problem, but I’m giving you three stars because it should be cheaper.  I’m on a fixed income.

Eugene Lamantia

April 6, 2014

waiting for final result.  I have been using Crystal Clean Iron Treatment for close to a year now. I was getting a stain in the bottom of the toilets that I had hopes of this removing. I think the stains are not as heavy as when I started, but I am not sure. I am still using the product instead of Iron Out. Mainly because it is installed and I do not have to manually add it every couple of weeks.

Allyson Sigler

June 14, 2016

Did Not Work.  It didn’t fix my issue

Donald Fernandez

May 15, 2011

it worked.  saved a new softener.  It worked!  Saved a new softener from iron build-up.  Thanks.

Calvin Courter

May 8, 2016

worked very quickly.  Received and installed the system four days ago and it has done a great job already.

Adrian Adams

May 15, 2017

sucks   I returned it for my refund.  At least they credited me back quickly.

Michael Berry

July 2, 2003

Crystal Clean made a real difference.  I was hesitant on ordering your product without knowing anyone that could share their personal results. I have had iron problems for 17 years in my home. I have gone through three well pumps due to the amount of iron in the well. Recently we had our well cleaned and I decided to take a leap of faith based upon your video illustration. It made a lot of sense since I just replaced my softener resin and the unit worked great for a month or so then got progressively worse. At that point I purchased the crystal clean unit and it worked amazingly right off the bat. I have had it installed almost a year now and shared my experience with my father that ended up buying a crystal clean unit himself. My wife and I could not be more happy with our purchase. It really helps keep the iron out of the hair also. I will be purchasing refills asap.

Joe Zappert

March 7, 2014

killer results.  I purchased Crystal Clean and am happy to say it is working great. My water no longer stains my fixtures or turns brown after sitting. It’s a much more pleasant experience!

Robert Rossi

September 8, 2011

found it just in time  We were about to spend thousands of dollars on an iron filter for our water softener until we found this product while searching the internet. The initial cost was so low considering the alternative we gave it a try and have been very happy. Iron is no longer a problem.

Ryan Morgan

January 6, 2014

no change noticeable.  I have had this installed for a few months now at my cottage but have not noticed any change. Maybe we do not use enough water in order for it to work properly.

Paula Gray

April 2, 2013

really did the trick.   We have an old softener, which seems to work, but our rust is horrible. We previously ordered the Crystal Clean bottles to add manually, and it helped greatly. I would like to order the automatic system.

Raquel Martin

March 16, 2010

it works!!!  I was skeptical but decided to purchase as I had to have something to assist with removing iron. I could tell a difference after the second softener regeneration. Do not allow the cost to deter you from purchasing this product. I had it installed in less than 10 minutes. Product was received with in two days of ordering. Thanks for the great product.

Ronald Wolf

February 12, 2013

after following directions,  After following directions and even add more solution I did not see or smell any difference. Sorry.

Curtis Khan

May 13, 2000

Did the trick!  This stuff really works.

Bob Torres

August 3, 2012

great results.  My softener guy said cc was just another iron out. but his $3000 softener is what I need. Bs. Crystal clean did the job.

Bernard Alexander

September 4, 2015

rust is gone!  I have owned my home for 24 years and the Culligan water softener that is here was old when I bought the house. I have always had rust problems and when I have the water tested they tell me the water softener is doing all it could do. Then I found Crystal Clean. The people at Crystal Clean said that they were not sure that it would work on a 24 plus year old system. Well it did. My wife is blonde and she won’t do without Crystal Clean for her hair and white clothes.

Kim Walters

July 4, 2012

We have been using Crystal Clean diligently for probably a year and I’m not thrilled with the results. We still seem to have a lot of iron in our shower. My husband said he even upped the amount a little bit.

Travis Palmer

March 2, 2006

actually works!  I was a little suspicious because their claims on the website sound too good to be true.  The only reason that I’m writing you is to thank you for actually delivering what was promised.  My iron stains have not returned in over 2 years!

Edward Lang

May 21, 2012

Works Great!  I have a Kinetico water softener that was on it’s last legs. I did a bit of research and found Crystal Clean. I am a skeptic by nature and was a little weary of the claims. Believe me when I say this actually begins to recondition a bad softener rather quickly and we have noticeably softer water once again. I recommend this product to anyone with iron filled water, it WILL increase life of expensive components.

Peter Strickland

August 20, 2009

great product.  This product does what it says and removes iron taste, smell and rust stains.

Francesca Wolff

July 14, 1999

expensive treatment.  I have over 15ppm of iron, so I need more treatment, but I can’t afford it.  Why can’t it be cheap like the stuff I used to use.

Rosemarie Bush

November 10, 2011

Crystal Clean miracle.  I bought my property in 1990. Since then, the iron in the well water has ruined two very expensive water conditioner units. I had a filter system installed to catch the rust before the water entered the WC/brine tank. Within weeks, the iron filters were useless and soggy with rust. Once again, I got online to find a solution. That’s how I discovered the Crystal Clear ad. Of course, I didn’t think it would work, but I was literally desperate. When the Crystal Clear package was delivered, I followed the instructions to the letter. Then, I waited a while before posting the results, just to make sure Crystal Clear was a lasting solution. WOW! IT’S A MIRACLE! Yes, I prayed about it and got my answer. It worked immediately and has kept on working. Finally, our well water really is crystal clear like the product title. I am so grateful that I’m printing out copies of this review and putting one in each mail box on my road. I’m taking one to the township supervisors office too. From now on, I will be a lifetime Crystal Clear customer. And, I’m calling Agway to take out the rust

Christobol Schwab

June 26, 1999

Satisfactory.  It’s like my softener is finally clean and working properly.  All the other treatments that I have tried have never done this.

Dion Loveless

September 5, 2014

saved me a bundle.  Found you on a google search right before buying an iron filter.  Money back guarantee so I said what the heck.  Best decision I have ever made.

Dan Jones

December 1, 2006

thanks for solving my problem.  I would never have expected to save $2000 by finding a product online and going against the recommendation of my local “expert”.  In the end, everybody just wants to sell you their product, no matter if there is something cheaper and better out there.

Zonia Crane

November 24, 1999

does what it supposed to.  I’m very happy with my results

Marivel Thomason

October 8, 2010

Great!  I couldn’t afford an iron filter, so I tried your product.  I have to say that I have zero orange stains so far!  It’s been 6 months and I could not be happier with my system.

Karie Ferry

December 12, 2018

five stars.  It works as advertised.

Elouise Theribault

August 2, 2013

highly recommended.  I swear I’ve sent you at least 20 customers!  You should be paying me commission lol!

Lucie Boles

November 15, 2014

Good for our well water rust.  I have very hard water with a ton of iron.  This product is the only thing that has ever prevented rust stains consistently.

Shakira Estrella

September 19, 2015

My Stylist was begging me to stop the iron water from ruining my hair.  Iron was making my hair orange, and very dry.  I was paying a fortune to fix it.  Now I don’t have to do anything extra, and my hair is never orange.  I told my Dad to buy your system too.

Elvis Guthrie

February 3, 2015

great stuff, just make sure that you get your water tested.  I was lazy and just added some to my brine.  I saw a difference, but it wasn’t perfect.  After getting my water tested I adjusted my softener regeneration time, and added the correct amount, which completely solved my iron problem.

Ralph Dixon

September 19, 2018

Thank you for years of selling me a great product; there is nothing else like it.  We bought a new house so I won’t need to order Crystal Clean anymore because it’s on city water.  I will be sure to tell the buyer of our old home about it so that hopefully you will still have a customer at that address.

Gaylene Cousins

August 10, 2015

this stuff works!  I have zero stains.

Dennis Fredrickson

June 5, 2018

I love your product!  I have used it for years, its simple, and it really works great!  It’s not cheap, but it works, and is well worth it.

Kasha Sheehan

May 2, 2012

Thank You!  I have to say that yours is one of the few times that I can remember where a product actually over delivered!  Not only are my stains gone, but my rotten egg odors have also disappeared.

Lane Solverud

March 5, 2018

Your product worked on my water softener just as you said it would on your website.  It has cleaned up the rust in the water that we’ve been seeing and now I’m going to go ahead and add the equipment so that I can have the treatment metered in without attending to it regularly.

Christobol Schwab

November 28, 2018

Satisfactory.  It’s like my softener is finally clean and working properly.  All the other treatments that I have tried have never done this.

Amit Patel

November 1, 2018

Your product is amazing!  I love it.

Regan Moreland

July 29, 2012

I love this stuff!  I have saved so much money by avoiding a $3,000 iron filter.

Ottmar Gangl

June 4, 2019

It works great!

Cathy Keenan

March 23, 2015

Unbelievable results.  It really is unreal that no expert that I talked to recommended Crystal Clean, but I found it online myself and the results have been nothing short of amazing!

Teri Swan

December 22, 2010

Other treatments are trash compared to this stuff!  I have used iron-out and rust salt for years, but none of that stuff ever did what Crystal Clean has done to my water quality.  BRAVO!

Lisa Reuvers

May 1, 2019

This is my second system.  We have had our first one for years.  I love it!

Maddie Davidson

January 2, 2017

OMG!  I cannot believe I’ve been dealing with iron stains for 25 years! None of the water people that I have spoken to mentioned this stuff, but it works better than anything they ever recommended.

Mark – Rainsoft Water

June 16, 2011

I used one of your Crystal Clean systems on one of our customers and it seemed to do the job quite well.  I need another for a job on Wednesday.  Is it possible to get one red labeled?

Michelle Kaye

March 21, 2012

I could tell the difference after the second regeneration.  Do not allow the cost to deter you from purchasing this product.

Edward Lang

May 21, 2012

Believe me when I say this actually reconditions a bad softener rather quickly and we have noticeably soft water again!

Van Waugh – Culligan Water

April 21, 2011

I’ve been using Crystal Clean for 25 years and it does a great job at cleaning the resin.  If you use Crystal Clean, your iron problems go away.

Erika Jarvis

December 17, 2017

Crystal Clean has finally given me peace!  I have never seen a product make such grandiose claims that are actually 100% true!  I saved $3500!!

Bob Jones

December 12, 2010

I would never have expected to save $2000 by finding a product online and going against the recommendation of my local expert

John Cherney

May 17, 2019

Your product made my water soft again.  I have used your Crystal Clean in my home water softener for years and am quite satisfied.

Lane Solverud

March 5, 2018

It has cleaned up the rust in the water that we’ve been seeing and now I’m going to go ahead and add the equipment so that I can have the treatment metered in without attending to it regularly.

George Hinsman

May 17, 2019

That stuff works great!  I ran out and the problems came back almost immediately