They have too low of a molecular bonding strength. The reason that the iron becomes trapped in the resin is that some of the iron molecules form a strong bond with oxygen molecules and get stuck in the resin. The only way to remove this trapped rust is to break the strong iron/oxygen bond. Standard iron treatments and iron removing salt use primarily use acid which has a very low molecular bonding strength that simply cannot break the iron/oxygen bond. Crystal Clean has a molecular bonding strength 10x higher than those standard treatments. This high bonding strength is much stronger than the iron/oxygen bond, easily breaking the bond, and removing the trapped iron from the resin.

Usually, it’s about the same price. However, we have no control over what our dealers charge for the product, so there may be instances where our online price with shipping is slightly cheaper.

No. The rotten egg odor coming only from the hot water is the result of your magnesium anode rod corroding inside the hot water tank. Replacing this rod with a different material and flushing the water heater tank, or removing and not replacing it are the only way to eliminate the odor.

We prefer that you order from a local dealer if one is convenient. If not, then of course your order can be placed right on our site and your system shipped via UPS right to your door.

It’s much more effective because of a much higher molecular bonding strength that easily removes stubborn trapped iron from a water softener’s resin bed. It’s also sold in a concentrate so one 16 oz. bottle will last an average of four months.

Very easy. The system can be setup and running in less than 15 minutes and can be installed by the homeowner.

Yes. If you are willing to add treatment to the salt brine tank of your softener usually every three days consistently, then you don’t need the pump. The automatic system is only refilled 3x per year.

In most cases the answer is no. Chlorinating the well will super-oxidize the iron in the water converting it to flakes of rust that the softener cannot remove. These flakes will clog all aerators in the house. The only reason this would be justified would be if a rotten egg odor was coming directly from the well as a result of iron bacteria.

Simple. The standard iron treatments are simply too weak to remove the trapped iron from the softener’s resin. This iron has become trapped because it has bonded with oxygen molecules to form rust. This bond is very strong. The only way to remove this trapped iron is to break this strong iron/oxygen bond. The bonding strength of standard iron treatments is much weaker than the iron/oxygen bond, so they don’t work. The Crystal Clean treatment has a molecular bonding strength 10x higher than the standard treatments. This makes breaking the iron/oxygen bond and removing the trapped iron very easy.

Yes! It breaks down naturally and will not adversely affect the bacteria in your septic tank.

No. All Crystal Clean treatment is rinsed from the resin at the end of the regeneration cycle, so no treatment is ever in the soft water leaving existing iron stains unaffected. Once you start treatment, clean those iron stains one last time and they will never return.

Yes! Crystal Clean is an organic treatment that is 100% water soluble. The standard water rinse that occurs after the regeneration process removes all treatment from the resin. There is no residual treatment left in the resin when soft water is produced.

The Crystal Clean treatment is a custom formulated organic water treatment. It is considered non-hazardous and contains no acid.